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Lonely Girl


Lonely girl

Just wants a friend

Lonely girl

Wants to see her beloved again

Lonely girl

Feels all wrong

Lonely girl

Sings no song

Lonely girl

Used to be kind

Lonely girl

Will never lie

Lonely girl

Only cries



Why not me?


He blows me off when, I’ve cried

They cry and he’s by their side


I want to see him and there is excuse after excuse

But for them, hell never refuse


I’ve been there for his beck and call

But he’s never caught any of my falls


Why not me?


He used to be excited and sweet

But now it’s like pulling teeth


I think they get his better side

While Imp just thrown aside


If Imp in tears I wait

But with them he doesn’t hesitate


Why not me?


He’s silent when I ask him why?

I want an answer, even if he just denies.


I want to feel loved accepted

But they’ll seem to get the better treatment


He promised me a lot of things that I haven’t seen

I just want to know it’s all them and not me


Why not me?


Do I have to be hospitalized for him to notice me?

Because when they cry his at their need


I gave up my dreams, my friends, and my religion

But I told him to keep on going.


Now Imp lost and alone

And he doesn’t even want me to call him on the phone.


Why not me?


I love him and I always will

But maybe he’s lost too I can’t tell.


I’ve had a lot of time to think and now I know

I rather be just friends, then letting go!



The Lonely Truth


I just ever wanted a friend

Someone to hangout with

And I knew that he would have changed,

I would have never done it.


He was everything I wanted at one time,

But then he made me change

And now he barely speaks to me

I feel Imp out of his range.


I wanted to sing and dance

But he told no

I want romance

Where did it go?


I want to be social

With laughter all about

But he broke the bubble

And now Imp all out


I just wanted to be accepted and loved

But I just so alone

Imp really depressed

And I don’t know what is home


I shouldn’t have changed

In fear we would end

I just wanted to be me

And have a friend. 

Becky M. S. All writing written on  5/17/2006



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