October 3rd, 2006

October Poetry Part 2



Words come back

As emotions flood

The damn of an empty conclusion

The screen screams emotion

With no sound

An adulterated invitation

To bring to wounded souls

Back together

Salt falls away

As everything comes back

Like it was just yesterday.

Fears that she can't change

Fears that she give up

As she realizes she gives in

Only to know what she could lose again

If she doesn't give into his demands,

Is his gain worth losing herself?

She wants to see him at least once last time,

Hopefully more

She says,

"Yes, I'll give in."

As a piece of her soul

Deflates its strength.



The Visit


Few words pass

Small awkward moment

Slide by.

They park

As they move into action

Like many times before

Same car

Same place.

His kiss

Still made her knees buckle.

She is gentle at first,

Passion adds possession.

His gentleness is masked

With a soul-crushing mental pain.

His passion adds a physical pain.

He corrects it with pleasure.

She is weak under him.

He stops with a release.

He then just stops

As if to ponder,

What is he really doing there? 

A wish with in her soul

That time would stop

It ended as fast as it started.

A smoke cloud of sweet smoke

End the visit.

A few word are exchanged

With a small kiss.


Becky M. S. All Writings were written 10/3/2006

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