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August Poetry Part 6

Pieces of Her


She was always a special person

She always tried to put other before herself

She had hopes and dreams

She had morals and beliefs

And now all is a pile of chaos

Like a tangled ball of yarn

She gave herself away

She turn against her friends

To please him

And now she's alone.

She left him, because she hated herself.

She was confused:

How she could hate herself, but love him?

How could she ever treat him well,

If she hurt herself?

How she could she ever make him happy,

If happiness to her was an illusion?

How could she tell him to give up anything,

When she didn't want to give anything?

How could he love her when she was weak,

When she wasn't herself?

She stood in confusion . . .

Looking for all the piece of her

To make her whole again

As she realized,

He still had the most important thing . . .

Her heart.



Smokey Taste


The bud rolled on her lips

The flavored, hazy air

Filled her mouth

And flew out

A discolored cloud

Of a grayish black

The same color of her heart currently

Her tongue tasted the misty drag

As she thought of him

She closes her eyes as she inhaled

She remembered the way he normally tasted

When she kissed him.

And then sighed as she flicked the ashes

As soon as the cigarette was finish

She would close her mouth to see how long

She can still taste him

Just so she can remember.

Becky M. S. All Writings were written 8/26/2006

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