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August Poetry Part 4

False Acceptance


If for a few moments

A few nobodies made her feel

Like a somebody,

Then emotion has stabbed and twisted

All logical and moral ideas

Left in a harsh reality.

And any hope that honesty and belief

Would conquer has been lost

In the scrolls along with

The gullible souls

That only knew who they were

By a book written by something

For humans to blame when they were worried.



Addictions of Acceptance


Once in:

It's hard to get out.

And once the mind has wrongly focused:

Anything that doesn't work is completely gone—out!

As morals are washed with dirty water,

As guilty acts are asked and accomplished . . .

All is lost.

There are no laws covering acceptance

Except harsh notifications of illegal suggestions always done.

It is always done for the sake of the acceptation.

It's a cycle—it doesn't stop!



Blank Truth


She did things she didn't like.

She wanted acceptation.

The more things she did,

The more she believed the lies they fed her.

The lies were fed with a silver spoon.

She did things:

Like giving to the number

Believing they all backed her

Except they all ran

When the lights showed

The true colors: blue and red.

As the light cornered her

In tears of false acceptance

Caused the authority to laugh.

No trust is left in the truth!



Authority Disillusion


Two males supposed to have respected her . . .

Supposed to have listened to her story:

All is lost

As they call her a lair

In the mist of the truth.

By believing the lying numbers

They corner her . . . 

In an enclosing room:

Getting smaller and smaller.

As her eyes rain

Wishing for an acceptance of her truth

And not to believe

The deceiving demons with flesh,

She knows:

This isn't a honest girl's world.

She takes punishment for demon's crimes.

She also learns not to trust . . . anyone!

(Anyone good or bad!)

They'll all deceive her,

And they'll all leave her . . . cold and alone!

As they blame her

For everything wrong.

They are right.

She is wrong.

Badges are good.

She is bad.

She is a honest whore.

She is a stupid bitch.

She is a damn tease.

She is a plain nothing.

She is the one

Who deserves all the blame!

All because she wanted to be accepted.




Media Blast


They know . . .

She was gone:

Tell more people

Don't lie—break the truth!

Blame it all on her

Make it a conspiracy

Let people think

The badges are doing something

Who would care if it effects her future.

She'll be a fat nothing her whole life.

TV says,

"She's a horrible person."

As they plaster her ugly picture.

Papers tell everyone,

"She's the bad girl."

Attention businesses:

Don't hire her.

She'll steal

She'll hurt your friends.

Church people

Don't let her in:

She works with Satan.

It's all lies.

They never kept the story straight.

Even though it's all lies:

Media ruins a girl

So the badges look good

And get the damn holiday ham.



Paranoid Depression


She left to come

To a different world

No one looks at her the same:

"What did you do?"

Whispered among the questioning citizens.

Threats were common.

(Why threaten a girl who wouldn't want to harm anyone?)

She was home bound by fear.

Fear of the stares and questions:

"Why did you do it?"

Echoing questions,

Echoing blame.

Blame ran high

Flowing from a false media,

Which had defeated

A weaponless, honest girl.

A corrupt society ruined yet another young soul.

Does happiness truly come by making something else depressed?



Darkness Waiting


A cold, dirty bath:

Of regret,

Of questioning

And of a society where innocence is jailed,

While the guilty go free.

(If you have the right numbers.)

There is no moral.

As time flies by—only in a perfect world.

Now she's just in a pre-hell

As she sits and waits:

Like a waiting room

For the worst shot in her life.

And it's not a drug—

It's a punishment.

A punishment for a corrupt honesty.

Delusional Supporter


She needed support—



He said what she needed to hear.

He made false promises,

She gave up herself momentarily.

He gave her scars

She gave him

Her beliefs in trade

For a manipulating support.

She was gullible

And her heart never fully recovered.

She left him . . .

As she was confused over everything:

From morals to logic

From Emotions to beliefs

All was chaos.

She'll never be as sweet as she was—

All is lost!



Cold Song


Morals fall like pennies

In a dark fountain

Just to disappear into the darkness

Lust and greed conquer all innocence.

Confusion strangles all hope.

Desperation falls over harden souls,

And grows in illegal activity:

No right

No wrong

No way to goodness

No way to evil

When a soul just stands there.

No fight

No struggle

When morals are in the way.

Just a clear path

To destroy a soul.

Society is proud—

Too proud—

Of the wrongful accomplishment.

Minor chords lightly strum

As a cold, sad song is played—

For the death of innocence

Is wept by angels looking below.

Becky M.S. All Writings were written 8/21/2006

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