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August Poetry Part 5

Regretful Frustrations


A letter was written

Depression hits hard

As life goes on . . .

And time goes on . . .

Court ended

Bring a conclusion:

No mood changing liquids

And no mind altering drugs

Are allowed.

And she must keep busy with school and work.

Friends offer to go out,

She declines.

She thinks of him,

And condemns herself

As she ponders . . .

Exactly why she did what she did?

She honestly thought

She didn't make him happy as . . .

He stopped visiting her.

He didn't want her to visit him.

He didn't want her to call. (Call as much)

And he stopped saying,

"I love you."

She thought he found someone else

To enlighten his fancy,

To challenge his intelligence,

To steal his heart,

To borrow his time,

Since she didn't speak with him as much

Her imagination took the worst in her,

And created a letter with an wrongful impulse.

An impulse now she regrets.

Now she stands alone in frustrating regret

As she regrets her imaginative frustration.

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