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August Poetry Part 2



For a moment if only that long,

She felt . . .

She could defy all laws

And prove all dead souls wrong.

Her soul weeps

As her hormones leave her shocked . . .

A real corpse.

She was tired, but her body still going on.

Morals were for from

No actual thought

No pressured gravity.

In her false reality,

No emotion or idea

Filters correctly.

Immorality is confusion.



Irrational Burning


Blessed building of brainwashing power

Smiles plastered on holy masks

A few lives stolen.

A few souls corrupted.

Time is wasted as a false fire of an irrational lie

That sin causes instant death—No!

Not death . . .

But instant change to an ever changing, polluted reality.

Pure fear causes irrational fire of unclean, gullible souls.

No one knows any different

As it is washed away by society.

Becky M. S. All Writings were written 8/17/2006

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