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August Poetry Part 1

The Beginning


It started a year ago . . .

With a laugh,

Deceiving words of encouragement,

The promise of not getting caught,

And the morals fighting the hormones.

Two kids at a creek of

Different ages

Different live styles

Different clicks

Different moral issues.

Innocence had been broken by a wrongful kiss.

Innocence had been washed away by a swallow.

Corruption cracks the moral foundation.

A longing still lingers in the shadows.





A whisper follows in action

Law defies age.

And fun defies law.

A pure rush is apart of the thrill.

Emotion is far from the immature boy

For it races in the woman's head.

She just wanted to be accepted . . .

Just to be loved.

He just wanted a momentarily stress release.
To him, she was just another trophy of pureness . . .

To be destroyed . . .

A fat, ugly trophy

(That doesn't matter, just use a pillow)

She was tight and untouched.

He made her feel momentarily accepted (a fake acceptance) . . .

Just to take advantage of her tightest in the pure deception.

Taking over the little trust she had . . . she ever had.

All she ever had was a little trust  . . .

And now it was all gone.

Deception killed her:






All of it was a decoy.



Doubting No's


Fake encouragement flowed from his mouth.

She wanted to be accepted, and loved.

She wanted the same thing

Everyone else was talking about.

He ask if she wanted to . . .

She said no in her weaken, drunken state.

She wasn't sure if he was the one

She truly wanted to share this with.

He tried to talk her down.

She said no again.

Blurred memories follow

As blackness is created by a pillow

He didn't want to see her face.

A pitching pain followed in a private area.

Scared, she secretly cried.

She was truly confused.

Is it okay to let the hormones take over?

A few more motions happen

Her body was in a wave of unacceptable indulgence

A sudden stop . . .

He stands up.

She feels cold and alone.



The Look


Brown eyes of youth and a wild spirit

Untamed and lost saw the first sight

Of the palest pieces of her

The parts that never saw much light

Nor other human eyes see before

Disgusted swallowed

Fear and excitement

As his frown made her want to cry

And regret the rest of her life.

He regretted touching her

And hated his hormones for winning the fight.

She hated him fir taking the best part of her away.

She'll never forgive him.





He took it all away from her.

He left her empty with

A coldness,

A bitterness

Upon her soul.

And a moment of regret she wished

She could take back.

She feels so small, so invisible,

As if there is nothing, but regret

And emptiness.

Like a flower without color

On the sunniest day

That withered over

The dead thoughts . . .

Just decayed. 

Becky M. S. All Writings were written 8/14/2006


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