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Levels of attraction

Let me explain some backround first . . . I believe in a three different type of attraction
 60% I believe in an emotion/psychologial attraction: how well do our personalities get along, because in the end that what we'll have to live with. Can we laugh about life?  Do we have similar back rounds?
30% I believe in intellect attraction: Well, we be able to learn off each other and can we have more conversations than just what the weather is doing.
10% I believe in a physical attraction: I have see you yet, but from I hear you sound very attrctive. I do like clean cut. I would appreciate a pic if you can manage one. The only reason why I have physical attraction is because if I'm physically actracted to the guy, it kind of brings up my self esteem. ( It's complicated.)

My ideas of sex

            I have to admit I love the feeling of sex and the function that the human body goes through during sex. (Its better than any drug related high youre ever going to get.) Ive realized that there are differences in just having sex and making love . . . Emotions makes everything more intense, saving yourself for one person make once you the one  make the whole experience even more special, being with someone who accept you for who you are make sex more than just a physical combustion, but a sacred experience. I love the feeling of body weight on top of me putting pressure on many different points of my body. I also love making my man moan, because when he response I know I did something right or at least something pleasurable to him. The one thing I dont like is when the guy exits, first of all cum gets really cold really fast. Ive also heard women say, thats when they feel empty. I realize why most women feel empty, because they dont have love to feel the void.

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