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Bus Notes: Morning Notes

It's 8:15 AM and I'm in a very busy bus station . . . I'm very tired and trying not to cry . . . it's nothing bad except I miss him.

I had probably had one of the most incredible night in my life (other have my dreams come true of getting a music recording deal or winning an ocsar for my awesome scripts.)

I had clean/dirty fun with a gentle, caring, kind man who thinks I'm the next big thing since sliced bread. It is nice to know that someone cares about me that much.

It was weird I thought I would be nervous, but he was probably only person that I'm not related to that I was instantly comfortable with. I mean a very little nervous until saw is truck without him, and then we met and it just clicked. It was like I knew him. I know we've been talking on the phone for awhile, but it was like come connection that I can't explain. It was awesome.

He was just a person I felt I like could be me, and not worry if he was going to critise me for being crazy, or giggly or happy. I really liked it.

Denny's Rant

I'm so tired, I just want to crash, even with a few naps. I'm still tired. It's hard to sleep on a bus, I'm afraid I would sleep right through and miss my stop.

I just travelled 662 miles within 2.5 days and it's really exhausting, but I love it. I loved getting to know different people and finally meeting the love of my life and hopefully my soulmate.

I'm sitting here at Denny's at 11:30 at night wondering if I should attempt to run my brain on my writing or should I call it a hopeless cause.

All I can think about is Brad, and my happiest moment yesterday was laying on his chest hearing his heartbeat as he would glide finger down my back as we were just talking.

I love the fact that he's emotionally verbally, and phsyically affectionate . . . maybe he can break down some of my many wall with my self esteem issues, and help to express myself most affectionately.

I love the fact that has this spark about him . . . he love to encourage and cheer others up. (I think I had that spark at one part of my life too, but life really had wore me down.) I mean it was so sweet, and cool how just had a conversation with the workers at the "Waffle House." That is exactly why he get free food from people at Taco bell or why people at Denny like him to come in so much. I find that quaility so awesome.

I love the fact that he accepts me for me, his requests are realistic (massages, not having me make out with chick), and that he want to please me. (I'm not sure about the last one, sometimes I don't feel like deserved to get spoiled like that. I also want him to be happy.

He is truly the sweetest guy I've ever met, and I'n ot sure how I get so lucky to be with him. He really does have a cute smile, long eyes lashes, and is just adorable.

I must stop writing now, the food is here.

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